Yahya Birt

Celebrating 100 Episodes from Lahore! Why The Dawah Scene Pakistan Deserves Recognition #Unscripted

Discussing changes in ‘the Dawah scene’ and how it has progressed in Pakistan, this episode looks at what they mean for the future of the Ummah. Watch Shaykh Dr. Haitham Al-Haddad and Hamza Tzortzis join our co-hosts – both present and past – Dr. Salman Butt, Umer Suleman and Aadil Ali.

Are Women’s Rights Being Hijacked for a Sinister Agenda? Unscripted Episode 99

In this episode, we discuss women’s rights, feminism and equality with Sally-Anne Burris, Director of Split the Difference CIC.

#97 The Surprising Power of Muslim Minorities – Yahya Birt on #Unscripted

Can Muslims in the West lead the revival of Islamic civilisation? That’s what we discuss in today’s #Unscripted podcast, with Yahya Birt. He is the author of the recent report by the Ayaan Institute think-tank, titled: Ummah at the Margins: The past, present and future of Muslim minorities. His report argues that strategies to enhance …

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