What do Islamophobes & ISIS have in common? ¦ Face to Face

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and ISIS – The former hates the latter, but is unable to
offer an intellectually-sound rebuttal of its methodology, since it shares it.

Title: What do Ayaan Hirsi Ali and ISIS have in common?
Host: Naveed Ashraf
Guest: Dr. Salman Butt, Editor-in-Chief, Islam21c (https://www.islam21c.com/author/sbutt/)
Series: Face to Face
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Recorded in 2015

Read more: http://www.islam21c.com/politics/what-do-ayaan-hirsi-ali-and-isis-have-in-common/
Playlist: https://youtu.be/Wy8q8zPW_sA?list=PLeGCuuHDYRLD6ZI3VTuvz_JSfWu-mR5O-

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