‘Our haters call us “Muslim Daily Mail”, but…’ @5Pillars Editor hits back | Unscripted #96

Welcome back to the new series of the Unscripted podcast. Today we have a very interesting guest: he is half Sri Lankan and half Welsh, you heard me right! A very rare breed! We should make an NFT out of him! It’s none other than our brother Roshan Muhammad Salih, the Editor of 5Pillars News.

Roshan and his team are Muslim journalists with an Islamic ethos. They don’t just report news but break stories relevant to Muslims, travelling to places all around the country to bring us the real story!

Mainstream Western media is a renowned disseminator of Islamophobia. How do we win this battle?

How is mainstream news culture affecting Muslims?
What will happen as news media culture moves more and more online?
Why do we need Islamic journalism?
What are the dangers of going into journalism?
What are the challenges faced by Muslim journalists?