Meet the Gun-Loving American Sharia Judge – Dr. Ali Ahmed | Unscripted #94

Unscripted 2.0 – The new revamped Podcast from Islam21c!

Welcome back to our next instalment of our new Unscripted Podcast, with none other than Sh Ali Ahmed, who holds a PhD in Qadā’.

What are his views on gun laws? Guess—he’s Afghani and American – a deadly combination he says!

He talks about how Sharia looks today and how you can’t apply classical Fiqh in courts today. A memorable podcast hitting right at the heart of implementing Sharia in our daily lives from Divorce, Inheritance and even whether you are duty bound to pay for your wife’s medical bills!

How does the Islamic Judiciary work for Muslim minorities? A practical look into some of the problems we face living here in the West today and how many of those problems are brought on by ourselves.

We hope you enjoy it with loads of amazing guests and topics coming up in the next few weeks! Unscripted brings you hard hitting topics with some light hearted banter to help soften the blow with none other than your favourite host – Dr. Salman Butt!

Feel free to share with your families and friends. Enjoy!