When History Met Kashif – Islam21c History Editor | Unscripted #92

Unscripted 2.0 – The new revamped Podcast from Islam21c!

Welcome back to our next instalment of our new Unscripted Podcast, with one of our latest editors to join the Islam21c Editorial team. Shaykh Kashif Zakiuddin our resident expert on History a Masters graduate from SOAS in the field – he talks about his own history with Dr. Salman and how the history of the da’wah has grown and changed over time. An interesting look into history and insights in what is to come in the future of Islam21c.

We hope you enjoy it with loads of amazing guests and topics coming up in the next few weeks! Unscripted brings you hard hitting topics with some light hearted banter to help soften the blow with none other than your favourite host – Dr. Salman Butt!