Keeping our Shirts On! -Mohammed Hijab | Unscripted #91

Unscripted 2.0 – The new revamped Podcast from Islam21c!

Welcome back to our next instalment of our new Unscripted Podcast, with one of the biggest and probably one of the loudest YouTube influencers and Muslim debaters around – none other than Brother Mohammed Hijab. This is a fiery podcast and ermmmm lets just say Dr. Salman was taken apart in some of the discussions! But don’t worry Mohammed Hijab kept his T-Shirt on this time and we did not let Dr. Salman even consider taking his off to protect you guys!

We hope you enjoy it with loads of amazing guests and topics coming up in the next few weeks! Unscripted brings you hard hitting topics with some light hearted banter to help soften the blow with none other than your favourite host – Dr. Salman Butt!