‘Cat Stevens’ & One Ummah | Unscripted #89

Unscripted 2.0 – The new revamped Podcast from Islam21c!

his is a special podcast with our Charity sponsors, One Ummah, who distribute Zakat given through us to them at 100% due to a brilliant programme whose admin is sustained by entrepreneurial activity. A thoroughly deep yet entertaining podcast with the world famous Yusuf ~Islam~ Chambers! Don’t worry we don’t let him sing! Of course our dear brother Yusuf Chambers has dedicated his life to helping the less fortunate around the World along with Naveed Ahmed the head of programmes at One Ummah.

Find out what work they are upto this Ramadan and please donate to the special Unscripted, One Ummah, link where if you listen to this podcast you will find out why this donate link is actually so special! We know our audience understands – but we need you to share the message and the reasons and mature up our community as a whole.