The Trojan Farce – Tahir & John | Unscripted #87

Today we have two special guests – Prof. John Holmwood and the now quite infamous gentleman, Tahir Alam – that guy who was singled out by the government, Birmingham City Council and the whole Educational establishment for being an Extremist Islamic Trojan horse in the heart of the Birmingham Education system.

Recently the New York Times have done a deep expose into the scandal of the Trojan Horse affair and that these allegations were wholly untrue and marked a man and his colleagues who had transformed failing schools into outstanding schools. The plot is sinister – some of the players have been unearthed from the shadows through the investigation – and we are left wondering how deep does Islamophobia run in the establishment. The story is worthy of a Hollywood production and it would be no surprise that one day in the coming decades it will become just that.